#WeWillWeek – Stoke High School Ormiston Academy takeover 

Stoke High School Ormiston Academy

On Wednesday 1st March we tasked pupils across the Ormiston network with the #WeWill website challenge. Asking young people to write and submit content on the day. Pupils from Stoke High School Ormiston Academy created environmental campaigns, exploring how they would tackle issues such as climate change.  

Climate Change Campaign, by Maisum Hussan  

Do you want to live in a world that is getting destroyed by YOU?  

Well join my campaign “may not be a tomorrow “. Join now, not next week, not tomorrow, not next hour, not next minute but now! 

Here are some ways you can help, like turning off your lights when you are sleeping. It is estimated that 42 per cent of people sleep with a light on for no reason, which creates a lot of emissions doing damage to our precious home, earth.  

Or if you a can’t turn off the lights, you can always cycle a short distance which produces 10 times as less emissions as a car. Imagine a world where everything is beautiful and healthy, and the air is fresh and crisp. So, act now as there might not be a tomorrow.    

Catastrophic Climate Change, by Freddie Wright  

Climate change is on the rise and has been for the last 60 years. There are many ways you can reduce emissions being released into our atmosphere. For many years our world has suffered, and you just allowed it to. You must act now. 

Do you want to live in a world that looks like this?! 

Join my campaign “Save the Planet to Remove the Panic” – now to help this world survive. 

Ways to reduce releasing emissions 

  • Use electric cars (petrol or diesel release CO2) or walk to places you can 
  • Turn your lights off when not needed 
  • Shrink the footprint of food 
  • Join now to act against Climate Change! 

Environmental concerns in the Modern world, by Viana Raoof 

You probably already know how climate change is affecting the earth as the  
problem is brought up so often, but how do we act and do something about it?  

There’s many things going on in the world including deforestation, air pollution and oil spills which are ruining our environment, the place that we   
live on and feed off, if we don’t do anything now there may not be a very   
bright future for anyone.   

What to do to decrease climate change?  

  • Walk, cycle or take public transit  
  • Use less energy at home like lights and keeping electronics plugged in (which will continue to take energy)   
  • Use renewable energy sources 
  • Eat less meat and more plant-based foods  
  • Reduce your use of plastic 
  • Take a break from using electronics, occasionally, it doesn’t make a HUGE difference, but it at least does something 



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