#WeWillWeek – Stoke High School Ormiston Academy takeover 

Stoke High School Ormiston Academy

On Wednesday 1st March we tasked pupils across the Ormiston network with the #WeWill website challenge. Asking young people to write and submit content on the day. Pupils Jamie and Gabriele from Stoke High School Ormiston Academy explain their garden donation idea.  

What are we planning on doing? 

We came up with a plan to reduce greenhouse gasses, whilst collecting donations for the National Gardening Donation scheme. Our plan is to create a group of helpers and collect £1 for each tree sampling to be gardened. 

What planting trees can do? 

By absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, trees help to combat climate change. A walk among trees enhances our mood, reduces stress and improves our mental wellbeing. Green spaces encourage more social interaction and a stronger sense of community. Trees help to improve soils and prevent flooding and erosion.  

What trees will be being planted? 

Broadleaved species, such as oak, beech and maple are best because they have a larger surface area of leaves which generates more photosynthesis, whereas conifers absorb more heat 


Planting trees has loads of benefits, these are just some: 



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