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James Murray

Ormiston Trust’s Chief Executive Officer

A warm welcome to all those involved in the Ormiston#WeWill Programme. Thank you for working with young people to deliver significant additional, meaningful, and sustainable social action opportunities up and down the country. Together, our combined efforts will showcase outstanding sector leader social action activities that will influence education practice at a national level. We have a great team who I know will inspire many 1000’s of young people.

Aneela Bukhari

#WeWill Programme Manager

I am particularly excited to be working on the #WeWill campaign, as I have always had a passion for Social Action initiatives and have worked on several projects that aimed to promote social entrepreneurship and consciousness. I believe that students should be given opportunities to work together to find solutions that would create a positive social impact, whilst ensuring that young people’s voices are at the forefront of all collaborations.

Karlene Briley

#WeWill Finance Manager

I have been handling the Financial Management of Ormiston Trust since 2014. I am thrilled to be leading the Finance Management of the newly developed youth social action campaign, #WeWill, alongside my finance role at OT. My main aim for #WeWill, is to ensure that the finance monitoring requirements are robust and efficient, enabling everyone to make the best use of the funds available for the project to engage with as many young people as possible, whilst meeting all the reporting requirements for our funding partner and OT Trustees.

Tom Barker 

#WeWill Communication and Youth Engagement

I’m excited to bring my passion for social action to #WeWill and help young people find their voice. In my role as the Comms lead, I can provide a platform for young people to share their stories and showcase their achievements. I hope I can continue to make #WeWill a movement that inspires others and fosters a community where young people feel empowered and valued.

Melissa Curtis

#WeWill Programme Management Officer

Having been involved with Youth Social Action myself, I hope I can inspire the next generation of activists through the #WeWill Programme. I have volunteered in Nigeria to promote skills sharing, interned in China to produce English language resources for migrant children, and digitally mapped villages in Tanzania to improve safety for girls at risk of violence. I hope to meet you at a Youth Advisory Council meeting or Ormiston Trust event soon!

Ray Wang

#WeWill Leads youth Engagement, Partnerships and Fundraising

As a former Ormiston student whose social action journey started whilst I was in school, I am proud to help create more opportunities for our young people in schools across the country through #WeWill. Over the years I have led projects ranging from improving primary to secondary school transition, social prescribing in rural communities, and youth musical theatre, and I look forward to bringing those experiences to #WeWill to ensure we engage with partners and young people every step of the way to put them at the heart of the programme.