#WeWillWeek – Stoke High School Ormiston Academy takeover  

Stoke High School Ormiston Academy

On Wednesday 1st March we tasked pupils across the Ormiston network with the #WeWill website challenge. Asking young people to write and submit content on the day. Pupils from Stoke High School Ormiston Academy share ideas on how to get involved in fundraising activities.  

Reduce reuse recycle in technology, By Amber Mascurine   

Encourage people to recycle or reuse, ditch the plastic and use more fantastic eco-friendly or reusable materials or products.   

When cooking or presenting a cooking class, donate any jars or glass bottles to a shelf in food technology where it can be used in different departments such as art as a paint brush jar or wine glasses to be used as flower vases. Once you’re bored of them, simply throw them in in a recycling bin. Which leads me to my next point of having a recycling bin in the food room where most of the products need to be recycled. And maybe another recycling bin in the art room or on the playground so people are not tempted to put recyclable things into a bin where it is lost forever, burned and causes pollution when it can have a new life before being repurposed.   

. I think to be inclusive and help people who do not understand what each bin means or what it is produced for. There should be a little sign taped to the bin to tell students who maybe have learning disabilities or don’t fully understand English that the bin is meant for Plastic or glass or different things they should and shouldn’t put in the bin with a little picture to show them in case they can’t fully read.   

People May think what they do does not make a difference but sometimes just a little thing can create a mountain of a difference. By dropping 1 little bit of litter may not seem detrimental to you but if ever person on the planet dropped a little bit of litter, the entire world would hardly be able to walk a few steps without tripping over a bit of litter that maybe could have even been recycled. By 1 person picking up a little bit of litter and more promotional posters about litter, yes, I think it makes a significant difference. One of my favourites and most inspirational quotes is by Mahatma Gandhi, “In a gentle way you can shake the world” This inspired me because it tells me in the littlest way, I can impact the world and I hope it inspires you as well.   

Save the planet, go green and recycle!  

By Ryan Wright and Jon-Paul Allen  

Pyjamas for charity Wea

 pyjamas for a whole day for a good cause you need to bring £1 to wear your best pjs 

What charity is it for? 

It is for the NHS charity   

•More than £102,000,000 has been raised   

•They are over 230 NHS charities in the UK  

•They have produced over 151,000,000 vaccines to help fight coronavirus 

Charity football game, By Bradley Stephens  

We raised over £400 for charity and the whole of the school contributed towards other things.  

The yr9s won and beat the other team, it was a tight game but the yr9s lifted the trophy. With the team in second place, receiving medals. A lot of money for the community, supporting good causes. I would like to think that it helped vulnerable children without places to live. We organised 

food packages that was given to families with 4 children. They were very grateful.  

How can we raise money for charity? By Vaile Calin  

Ask for donations or clothes, toys and other bric-a-brac and have a car boot sale. Organise fun nights in – or out – such as karaoke, talent contests and a fancy dress day. Run a raffle – ask friends and family to donate prizes. Organise a charity car wash at work, or at home.  

Garden Sale – Take advantage of the popularity of gardening by organising a sale of seeds, bulbs and both indoor and outdoor plants. By asking people to take cuttings, propagate their plants or collect seeds, you’ll have lots to sell without having to spend any money on stock.  
Top Tip – Make sure you have pictures of what the plants will look like when fully grown. 

What about in school? 

Bring and Buy Sale – Encourage everyone who attends to bring something to sell that’s in good condition. Whether they’re unwanted school items or books and toys, your school is the perfect place to buy great value second-hand items for the kids and your home. You can even have a permanent stall in the school office so people can keep bringing in unwanted items to sell on an ongoing basis.    

Sports Day – Make the most of your school sports day by selling tickets to enter the parent/guardian races and by selling drinks and refreshments. Parents are often more competitive than their children, so get them involved in the classic sports day activities such as the egg and spoon or sack races.  
Top Tip – If you want to sell raffle tickets on the day, do it somewhere prominent like the entrance or refreshment stand. 

Fundraising as you know it, By Poppy Collins  

‘Schools in the UK need new ways of raising money for charity, and children need to know how they can get involved and help out.’   

There are many issues going on in the world which have been for a long time, because it   
sounds impossible for a whole planet to get involved in change. The best we can do is start  
small, and do our part as a community.   

School fundraisers are an example of helping, and they’re already popular, so why not expand on the idea? Many students can get involved, whether it’s helping with what goes on behind the scenes or spending money to take part in activities requiring a donation. Popular fundraisers include:  

– Bake Sales  
– Charity Football Match  
– Indoor Film Night  
– Raffle   
– Trivia   

Bake Sales:  
Bake Sales are a very popular way of raising money, as it’s so nice to bake your favourite treat, or purchase one! They are simple to set up, some students could volunteer to work a stand, along with a member of staff if they wish. It could be held during break and lunch, maybe 2 in a week, and small items would cost 50p, medium sized £1.00-£1.50, and large £2.00-£2.50.   

A trivia evening would be a fun way to get involved in some fun, social activities. Students could get into teams, maybe of around 4-5 people, and take part in a quiz or two, full of questions to do with different topics, like General Knowledge, Celebrities, Film and TV, Business, etc. It could run in the evening, maybe later depending on how enthusiastic students are. Members of staff could help, as could older students who are open to the idea of helping. Each team would have their own space and paper and pens provided. Entry could cost £2, refreshments included. 



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