Skill building at BOA

Written by Keisha – Birmingham Ormiston Academy

My name is Keisha Riley and I am a Year 10 Musical Theatre student at Birmingham Ormiston Academy. A role I have undertaken this year has to become one of the Social Action Ambassadors for our academy and our #WeWill project.

Over the last couple of weeks, for our social action ambassador project, we have learnt new skills to develop our project further for others and ourselves.

The skills we have focused on included improving our confidence, team building and leadership skills. We also focused on wellbeing where we learnt about having a healthy mindset and how we can promote this through our use of the arts. These skills will help us when working with the community, so we don’t feel uncomfortable and help us to deliver with confidence our youth-led workshops.

Our future plans include a Lion King themed workshop for children to take part in. And by choosing this theme, we hope it will inspire and engage the children.

The overall theme is To Do is to Dare.

We want the children to achieve self confidence and enhance the idea of you being comfortable in their own skin.

I am most excited about getting to meet young people in the community and putting those leadership skills to the test. By the end of the project, I want the children to be excited and put on a great performance to showcase their amazing talent. In addition, giving them confidence and the motivation to achieve whatever they want to do in their futures.



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