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August was a very busy month for Ormiston Families with three Summer Fun Day’s taking place in some of the academies they’re working with in the East of England. 

Students were invited to three locations, North Denes Primary School, Casister Academy and Cliff Park Ormiston Academy over the month of August. The events centred around supporting better wellbeing across communities, with young people having the opportunity to bring 4 guests along. 

Many activities and positive mental health discussions were held on the days, with also the added fun of football workshops, yoga sessions, mini donkey rides and musical performances. 

External wellbeing providers were also invited along to talk about how they can support young people’s mental health. One of
those providers was Kooth, an online mental wellbeing community app.

The app is free and provides young people with a space to discuss mental health, read articles, gain free counseling from professionals, along with a private space for a wellbeing journal. The Kooth were there to play games of giant Jenga and connect four, while offering out tips and tricks on how to look after your wellbeing and mental health. 

At all three events the young people led the way, through performing live music for entertainment, helping the running of the many stalls and ultimately organising the running of the events. 

These young people have put themselves forward to be volunteers, displaying leadership skills and empowering them to be the positive change in their communities, as well as themselves. 



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