Waving a flag for ECO!

Written by Grace and Rosie – Ormiston Academies Trust

As a school, we have been working on gaining our green flag award, which the eco council have proudly received. We are also trying to become more environmentally friendly by litter picking, encouraging sustainable travel, and much, much, more.

Extended form times have also been held, introducing the ‘Youth Social Action’ project (YSA), and developing our skills; teamwork, problem-solving, communication and reflection.

When learning about YSA students were asked to complete a survey: if students feel confident meeting new people or if they have been feeling relaxed recently, etc. Also, a home learning task was handed out asking students to do research on the following people; Kelvin Doe, Greta Thunberg, Marley Dias, Jazz Jennings, Malala Yousafzai, Nicholas Lowinger and Jaylen

Arnold. Asking the questions; What inspired this person to act? What did s/he manage to achieve? Describe how he/she used one of the four skills in their work. To help young people to understand that they CAN make a change and make the world a better place to be.

We are now happy to introduce the new project we are starting to work on here at Ormiston Forge Academy: the ‘#We will recycle project’. This project will encourage students to focus on waste management, sustainability and reducing fast fashion (a product of the fashion industry). Students plan to host a fashion show where the garments are made from recyclables. The recyclables for the garments are currently being collected and year 4 pupils from Temple Meadow.

Forge is also planning on holding a ‘Re-love our clothes’ event in which we will be receiving second-hand clothes and donations from staff and students to promote recycling. Who is running these events you ask?

Our very own students! Earlier this month year 8 students were asked to fill in job applications for which job they were most interested in; fashion designer, campaign manager, photographer, etc, which are yet to be announced.

We, at Forge, are excited about this new opportunity and are hoping this will better our chance of becoming an even more eco-friendly school!

If you would like to achieve the Green Flag status through Eco-Schools, head over to their webpage, click here.

Check out what steps you have to complete to achive this award.




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