#iWillWeek Competition- A Letter to My Future Self


Top spots selected: A Letter to My Future Self – #iWillWeek Competition


To celebrate #iWillWeek’s 10th anniversary we launched two creative competitions taking inspiration from the week’s events highlighting the importance of the YSA movement underpinned by the theme ‘optimism’.

As we know to be a youth social activist is to be optimistic about the positive difference young people can make when they are supported and empowered to play their part in society to tackle issues that affect local communities and beyond. Optimism gives us hope for a better future. It’s this passion that will drive us to continue to help others!

We asked students from across Ormiston and non-Ormiston schools to incorporate this and anything that makes them hopeful about the future of youth social action into a written letter to their future selves. In the submission, they were asked to consider subjects exploring themes like well-being, environmental issues, diversity and inclusion, combating poverty and community.


Here is a selection of our favourite submissions:


Stephen Clarke, Ormiston Bridge Primary


Logan Peach, Cowes Enterprise College


When I am older, I want to be a pro footballer and with the money that I would like to make, I would help my parents pay off bills. I hope to play for a team I have supported for years, Manchester United which is my favourite team and always will be. I hope that I will make many friends and have a happy life. I also want to make my family proud of me because they always say don’t let anything let you down. I wish that the future me is rich, strong and famous and that I will live the perfect life. 

I want the future me to be kind, caring, helpful and happy. If I don’t become a professional footballer, I would like to be a pro gamer because all my mates think I can make it as a pro. The one game I am really good at is, Fortnite, I have played the game for, four years and I have improved so much since I started playing. After school I play of course after I do some homework. When I play Fortnite it just calms me down and I can also make new friends and improve even more.



Megan Allen, Cowes Enterprise College


Lucas Bridger, Cowes Enterprise College


RT, Ormiston Horizon Academy


Ayva Ashmoore, Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy


Sofia Mouat, Ormiston Bridge Primary


Lesitar, Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy


Anna, Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy


Nicole Szymantra, Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy




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