#WeWillWeek - The Moorlands takeover 

Moorlands Primary School

On Wednesday 1st March we tasked pupils across the Ormiston network with the #WeWill website challenge. Asking young people to write and submit content on the day. Moorlands Primary school wrote five pieces highlighting their fundraising efforts in December 2022! 

Moorlands Pupil 1 

One of our projects was to encourage pupils at Moorlands Primary School to stop littering in our playground  

  1. Because it looks so messy 
  2. Because it’s bad for our environment 

Since doing litter picking our playgrounds look much cleaner now, and your playground can too! We are trying to encourage people to stop littering because we need to be respectful to our planet.  

In our school, as part of our youth social action, we’ve also been doing ‘Buddying and Peacemakers’. As a Buddy you get to support KS1 pupils to play co-operatively and our Peacemakers have been trained to help solve any arguments that happen at breaktimes.  

In December, we did a charity sponsored Reindeer Run to raise money for St Giles Hospice. We completed 2 miles, it was so much fun, but very tiring.    

Moorlands Pupil 2 

At Moorlands Primary School we have been doing litter picking and trying to get people to stop dropping litter on the playground and start putting it in bins. On the 2nd of December our school did a Reindeer Run around the playground and the target was to try and do two miles and we all put reindeer ears on and ran. We raised money for St Giles Hospice. On the 3rd of March the pupils of year 5 went  to Wodensborough Ormiston Academy to do some geocaching as part of our #WeWillExplore work.    

We are trying to start another charity event and get people to donate things such as clothes and money to help people affected by the Turkey and Syria earthquake.   

Moorlands Pupil 3 

Moorlands pupils race in the Reindeer run while they get money for charity.  

On December the 2nd, Moorlands pupils raced in the reindeer run for St Giles Hospice they did 18 laps and some even completed more than 20! It was hard and exhausting to run 18 or more laps, but they achieved their goal. Lots of money was raised for St Giles Hospice all thanks to #We Will. 

Moorlands Pupil 4 

I go to Moorlands primary school in West Bromwich. I hate littering so that’s why every lunchtime four people go litter picking outside in our school grounds. It helps to keep the school environment clean. Pollution is not good so please recycle your rubbish.   

I like to do hobbies outside of school like choir. I like it because you go on trips to sing with other schools around the world.     

But there’s one thing I love the most, It’s budding. Pupils from Year 5 go to the KS1 playground to look after the younger students, and to stop problems from interrupting their learning. Next, we are planning on a fundraiser to raise what we can for those that lost their homes in the Turkey and Syria earthquake. 

Moorlands Pupil 5 

We did the fun Reindeer Run to raise money for St. Giles Hospice. We ran 2 miles around our playground. It was tiring but very FUN!  

We do buddy duties with the younger children in KS1, we do things like litter picking in our school grounds. The Peace Makers help to solve problems and help kids play nicely together.   

Litter picking is good for the environment and saves the world so when kids are growing up, they will have a happy and clean life. 


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