Ormiston Six Villages Academy - are educating their whole community about Cyber Safety

Ormiston Six Villages

Ormiston Six Villages has been building external connections through their youth social action project, #WeWill Be Cyber Safe.

Starting their project back in the summer the students have been focusing on growing their understanding of E-Safety and how they can deliver their research and findings to others in their communities. 

Six Village #WeWill team

The academy students have been working closely with the local primary school through their youth social action project. They are using leadership skills they have built through the project to support the year 4s at Eastergate Primary. They recently attended the primary to support the pupils on a #WeWill Be Cyber Safe community day. Arriving with leaflets and posters they had designed, they shadowed the pupils in their delivery of information to parents, guardians, members of the community and their fellow peers.

It was a great success with the schools coming together, with a parent James, from Eastergate Primary School saying, 

“I like that in a few years’ time, these children will be our bosses and they’re learning so much about cyber safety, so early”.

The pupils with the support from the Six Village #WeWill committee felt empowered, with Eirinn from year 4 exclaiming, 

“I like learning about cyber safety because children are online so much, they should know what the risks are because they’re good at getting tricked – we can teach our parents about phishing emails which will help them to not get tricked too”.

The #WeWill Be Cyber Safe project is not only building skills for young people, but allowing them to grow their confidence through leadership, empowering them to use their own voice and ultimately letting them be part of the positive change they want to make to their own and others’ lives.



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