Learning to protect ourselves from hackers: the #WeWill way

Ormiston Six Villages Academy

By William Ashton, Year 9

At school, we have been partaking in a project called #WeWill be Cybersafe, where we learn about cyber safety and the dangers of the internet in everyday life. Cyber security is important to protect personal information from hackers. We have been taught to use strong passwords, update our technology and be cautious of suspicious emails and websites. Organisations also have ways to protect user information by using their own security measures and educating users, like the #WeWill project has.

By staying informed and taking measures, we can safeguard our information in our future lives. This project is based around real life situations, where we can use what we have learned in a practical way while interpreting events and applying the knowledge we’ve learned to find solutions. Overall, I think it is a vital project as #WeWill has highlighted the importance of cyber safety by teaching us how to protect our personal information from hackers. 




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