How you make them feel… is pretty important

Written by Aimee – Ormiston Academies Trust

“People will forget the words you spoke, and they will forget
the things you did. But people will never forget the way you
made them feel…”

When you grow up, you are taught lessons and skills that shape you into the person you will become. When we are old and have completed life’s major milestones: for me… it’s having the money and space to own 22 beautiful dogs in a small village somewhere far away – what a dream to have at 16!!

But how do we get there and achieve our goals?

I am a teenager. A 16-year-old girl, swimming through the 21st century and I’m experiencing a lot of… emotions. The kind of emotions that stick with you for a week or so, leaving you to linger on them and contemplate whether they are even worth feeling in the first place. You see, it’s not the advice we are given from our parents or teachers or friends… but it’s the way that advice sits within us. How it finds a way inside of your brain and makes you fully understand the meaning behind those people you have come across!

No one’s mind is the same, and yet we all are equals! That’s fascinating, isn’t it? Living in a world – a society – where we are all taught the same advice and morals but turn out completely differently from one another! The point that I am trying to make is… there are a lot of people who suffocate us every day. And it is the people who provide that knowledge and freedom for us to fly above it all, that remain remembered in our minds. So I want to be selfish, and use this opportunity to thank my parents! My teachers! My siblings! My grandparents! My aunties and uncles! My cousins! My friends! My idols!

And myself…

Take that spare moment…

Thank the ones who matter most…

And when I am 20… and own 22 beautiful dogs in a small village somewhere far away. I will definitely remember how those closest to me, made me feel… and that’s pretty special!!

And finally, I’ll let you in on a secret… it works both ways!
People won’t remember what you said to them, only the way you made them feel in the moment. It sounds cheesy but, be kind, loyal, honest, ambitious and inspirational.

But most importantly, be thankful.

Every… Single… Day!



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